Unity Symposium

On Wednesday, November 2nd, I went to the unity symposium hosted by the: Iranian Cultural Association, Black Student Association, Hispanic American Student Association, Muslim Students Association, and Student Government Association. This was probably my most anticipated international event of the semester. I’m a part of the Black Student Association and when I heard about the Unity Symposium, I was ecstatic for two reasons. Firstly, I’m a lover of other culture’s and the thought of that many different ideologies and backgrounds interacting with one another alone was titillating. Secondly, it was an acknowledgement of minority groups on campus in a very major way, and although OU has a very diverse student body, events like this should happen more often. The speakers had a gamut of different topics, personal to controversial,  but the crowd of students’ offered caring ears and understanding hearts. This event made me proud to be an OU student.

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