Shanghai class living!

Shanghai was the last stop in China and I wouldn’t have it any other way. It’s easily the most Westernized city we visited and so it was a nice slice of home before actually heading back to the United States. That being said, the language barrier was still very prevalent and that was a pleasant surprise. After our three week trip, when we finally made it to Shanghai, we had finally realized how to navigate traffic as pedestrians, use public subways, and successfully order food without too many weird looks. Shanghai was a bittersweet end to the trip because we had grown so much and it was coming to a close. seeing the amount of skyscrapers that they have throughout their city, one could assume how this could be their business capital.  My favorite thing about Shanghai was that despite the heavy influence of globalization, it is still a city that is very much Chinese, from the cuisine to the people and so much more. When I head back to China for my semester abroad, I think Shanghai will be the destination I select.

The Bund – Shanghai’s pedestrian center (Night)
The Bund – Shanghai’s pedestrian center (Day)

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