Beijing Welcomes Me! 北京欢迎我!!!

Less than 24 hours after my time in Rome, I found myself in Beijing, China for the beginning of the journey to China program. It was an incredible time. because we were able to stay a few blocks away from the 2008 Olympic village in Beijing, we were able to see some of the most updated areas of the city. As far as culture shock goes, Italy was a walk in the park. China was diving into Arctic waters. We arrived In Beijing on the last day of the annual Dragon Boat Festival. We went to the forbidden city and Tiananmen Square on our first day and it was the most people I’ve ever seen in my life. And they were just as shocked to see my as I was all of them. I had at least 400 pictures taken of me or with me that day, and it was a great preview for the rest of our time in China.

Forbidden City

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