Eve of Nations

Eve of Nations is a culmination of different international groups, including the Angola Student Association, the Indian Student Association, The OU society of Chinese Students and Scholars, the American Indian Student Association, the Korean Student Association, the Malaysian Student Association, the Omani Student Association, Students for Justice in Palestine, and The United World. The audience of this event comprised mainly of OU students, family and friends of those students, and representatives from the countries that participated. During the event, there was a international fashion show, and several performances that included dancing and singing. This public celebration of world cultures made me proud to be an OU student. This event, while very celebratory, it was also very educational. I was pleased to have such a rewarding night in Norman. 

Chinese language Club

Every Friday in Kaufman Hall, the Chinese language Kaufman Hall, the Chinese language club hosts Chinese language practice. It is an hour of students interacting with a Chinese language instructor/professor in Chinese. Students ask questions, tell stories, and learn about the designated instructor. This is my favorite aspect of learning Chinese at the university of Oklahoma. Speaking is a part of language classes, but I always want to practice my Chinese more than I usually would in class. This is also a great way to get know your instructors at the University. The Chinese program at OU is a relatively small one, and so making yourself a familiar face never hurts. The practice is open to all levels of Chinese learners, and even provides free food and drinks! It’s my favorite club on OU’s campus because of its challenging, intriguing, and rewarding nature.

Summer plans for Mr. Hungry & Happy

FINGERS CROSSED: I’ve got a great summer planned. As a part of PLC, I will be traveling to Arezzo, Italy from the 15th of May to the 28th of May. That’s just the beginning of the fun, as on the 28th of May I will be flying from Rome to Beijing, China . I will be participating in the Journey to China program and travel around China while taking a class. It looks to be a promising summer, and I can’t wait to be lost in a foreign world, and eat food I’ve never seen before. Hungry & Happy? that’s an understatement of epic proportions.

Unity Symposium

On Wednesday, November 2nd, I went to the unity symposium hosted by the: Iranian Cultural Association, Black Student Association, Hispanic American Student Association, Muslim Students Association, and Student Government Association. This was probably my most anticipated international event of the semester. I’m a part of the Black Student Association and when I heard about the Unity Symposium, I was ecstatic for two reasons. Firstly, I’m a lover of other culture’s and the thought of that many different ideologies and backgrounds interacting with one another alone was titillating. Secondly, it was an acknowledgement of minority groups on campus in a very major way, and although OU has a very diverse student body, events like this should happen more often. The speakers had a gamut of different topics, personal to controversial,  but the crowd of students’ offered caring ears and understanding hearts. This event made me proud to be an OU student.

Latin Ball

I have been told often that lightning never strikes in the same place twice. It’s a nice expression, but on the 14th of October it was proved illegitimate. The very same night as the international prom, there was a sock-hop style event taking place that would put your favorite dance show on NBC to shame. When I received word of the Latin ball, I simply knew that it was dance fate. The international prom was a culmination of different cultures, music and dance styles. The Latin ball, on the other hand was just that – a Latin ball. There were structured dances, and songs that the majority of the attendee’s were singing along to word for word. Similar to most events involving dancing, the fun began when I stopped worried about looking foolish, and simply tried to absorb as much as I could from a culture that was so foreign to me. It was a great night, and I had to purchase new dress shoes because my feet were on fire.

International Prom

Oh what a night it was. After clocking out  at my prestigious job at THE Cate Restaurants, I received a call from my roommate and close GEF Friend – Jack Fronheiser. Pleasantries aside, I received clear instructions: put on a suit, and come to the Molly Shi Boren Balllroom for a night of boogie and international experience. What choice did I have? I’m always down for a prom. The night was amazing – lots of music I wasn’t necessarily used to, and lots of dancing that didn’t fit the musical style. Imagine me hitting the classic dab over the sounds of African drums, and you can begin to imagine how legendary of a night international prom was. It is a great event to go to with a date, a group of friends, or even by one’s self.  A rating for the night? 12/10: Would dance again.

Confucius Institute Day

One International event I looked forward to attending since I was in high school was Confucius Institute day. Norman, Oklahoma is my hometown and I have been to and volunteered at the CI day at OU with my Chinese class for multiple years in high school. CI day celebrates Chinese culture in lots of different ways. Similar to many cultures, an important aspect of Chinese culture. Food is served every year, along with traditional paper cutting, and a diverse array of cultural activities like the dragon dance! As someone who loves Chinese culture, This is the perfect international event. Free food, entertainment, and a big chance to practice my Chinese speaking skills! I actually met up with my high school Chinese teacher, Ms.Nan (年老师) at the event!

Confucius Institute Day!

Hello world! 你好世界!

Howdy ya’ll! This is an amalgamation of my travels and experiences throughout my college career. I will try my best to alternate between video and written posts to keep things interesting!

I’m a little late to begin blogging, but I’ve been to my fair share of International events over the course of the semester so that’s what I’ll be blogging over!

Please feel free to comment on my posts, hopefully you’ll enjoy my voyages half as much I have!