Mid-Autumn Festival

The Mid-Autumn festival celebration hosted by the University’s Chinese department was one of the best events I went to this year. The Mid-Autumn festival is one of the most significant traditions/holidays. There was food served, and Chinese club executive members spoke about the year. Food was obviously an amazing aspect of the meeting, but I really appreciated the familial aspect of the Chinese language department. Most of the professors are originally from China, and their shared cultural values created a really warm environment. It was also just fun to see what your professors were like outside of class. Not many departments have potlucks with students and professors wherein the professors make the food. Much like the Asian food fair, having food made by people that have made it their whole lives also brings a great aspect into the potluck.

Confucius Institute Day

Every year the University’s Confucius institute hosts Confucius Institute day. It serves to inform OU students both about the Institute’s namesake, but about the instate itself, and Chinese culture in general. There are stations set up around the south oval with activities regarding Chinese culture, information for study abroad, and appreciation of Confucius. Food is served and traditional music is played throughout, engendering a party like atmosphere. Local high school students are bussed to the fair by their district, and the festival usually brings Norman natives and a large amount of University students as well. It’s a great part of the academic year celebrations by the Chinese language department. If you go by the event, you cannot help to leave with a smile